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05 Nov

Terms and Conditions – Warranties

    The KontrolZone ensure the compliance of the products marketed under the law against any manufacturing defect. All equipments marketed by Kontrolzone, have the guarantee provided in the legal provisions in force.
    The KontrolZone only assumes the guarantees of equipment that are in accordance with the warranty conditions.
    The obligations of KontrolZone are limited to repairing or replacing, at own initiative, of the product or defective parts.


1.    All tests are performed based on the breakdown or error description provided by the client.
2.    The KontrolZone isn’t responsible for the information contained on the hard drives, the customer should safeguard all information.
3.    The KontrolZone not assumes the exchange in warranty equipments that are detected by our technical lab, with the following signs:
           a)    Obvious signs of misuse, damage or broken internally or externally on equipment;
           b)    The equipments can only be opened or intervened by our technical department. Any action taken by strangers services to KontrolZone and without our authorization, will not be refunded and will be declined any responsibility to damage caused in the equipment in the scope of those interventions;
           c)    c) Damage caused by power surges due inclement weather, natural phenomena, improper installation and use of product under conditions for which it wasn’t previously designed and manufactured.
4.    The shipping costs for KontrolZone LDA are supported by the client, except if the product has defective manufacturing detected by the customer within 15 days after purchase. In these situations the customer must request the KontrolZone the picking of equipment. Later if not detected by our technical department any anomaly in the equipment, the costs of shipping will be charged to the customer. e.
5.    Shipping costs for the customer are supported by KontrolZone (Except outside of Portugal Continental).
6.    If the equipments don’t show any breakdown or error, will be charged the shipping costs for customer.



The KontrolZone is available to provide technical support and training for all products it sells. For any questions contact us always avoiding the misuse of equipments causing their damage.

Contacts – Technical Support:
Mobile phone / Phone: (+351) 925402379 / (+351) 261819329
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: suporte.kontrolzone

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